Anger is natural feeling. It is a normal human emotion when a person is exposed to some threats. Such emotion can be triggered by many factors, such as hunger, sadness, tiredness, rudeness, injustice, failure, dissatisfaction or sexual frustrations.When you lose your temper, your body automatically act up. Adrenaline hormones and cortisol are released by your body.

And as a result, there is an increase in heart rate, pulse, blood pressure and body temperature. People who lose their patience more often can suffer a reduced threshold for pain and sleeping disorders. Anger can greatly affect a person’s psychological health.

It can lead to depression, substance abuse, alcoholism, self-injury and reduced self- confidence and eating disorders.



Take a deep breath because it is one of the body’s self-healing mechanisms. It slows down the heartbeat and can effectively lower blood pressure.Be aware of the presence of your anger. Take in mind that the risks of having stroke and heart attack are increased with each outburst. Take a time out and move away.The moment anger is being felt, just step away and slowly count 1 to 10 while breathing deeply.

Recognize and understand your triggers in order for you to avoid volatile situations.The moment anger is felt, close your eyes and visualize.This is an effective relaxation technique. Try to visualize and imagine a calm place or situation. This can make you calmer and relaxed.

Keep a journal and write down everything that makes you irritated. Write everything that you can think of and slowly diffuse the feelings. The rage can remain in the paper and spare hurting other people. Don’t say something that that you will regret later. Take a moment and collect your thoughts before saying anything.

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Don’t focus on the things that make you furious. Focus on resolving the issue instead. Remember, anger won’t fix anything. Do something that brings you happiness like a hobby or an adventure.

Use your voucher at the nearest store or buy a ticket and travel abroad and stay away from a painful situation even for just a while. When anger becomes frequent and becomes hard to control, it is best to immediately seek help from a professional to save you and the people around you.

6 Responses to “ “DON’T LOOSE YOUR COOL”

  1. Maria says:

    We all go through this sometimes, but I am glad I get to read this today. You have a wonderful talent writing such inspiring content.

  2. Anthony says:

    I am really having difficulties managing my anger sometimes and it is really tiring to go over with it everyday. These tips are helpful!

  3. Anna says:

    This is really so helpful, especially for those who suffers anxiety!

  4. Amber says:

    I’ve seen a lot of people lost their self control… road rage, misunderstandings and many more boils down to the fact that people lose their cool.

  5. Netmeds says:

    Self Control is one of the most tedious tasks for the person who gets violent much fast. Your techniques can help them to get over the same. However, Medicines and yoga can also be a solution.

  6. Ziya says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. This is really helpful for those who have hyper tension.

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